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Help Prevent Garage Fires with These Safety Tips

While the leading cause of garage fires involves electrical malfunctions, certain other hazards lurk in the garage that can be just as dangerous. It’s important to take certain precautionary steps to ensure that your garage is as fire-proof as possible. Keep your home and family safe by sticking to the following guidelines: 1)Store fuel, chemicals, […]

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Is It Time Your Garage Got New Weatherstripping?

Garage Running a Little Hot? Check Your Weatherstripping A hot, stuffy garage in El Dorado Hills tends to mean there’s not enough insulation on the garage door or the weatherstripping has worn out. Check the base of your garage door. A rubbery strip runs along the entire bottom of the door in order to help […]

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Keep Those Garage Door Hinges Lubricated

How to Properly Lubricate a Garage Door Hinge Hinges are one of those garage door parts we rarely think about. And for good reason: it’s one of the least replaced parts in a garage. Despite this, they’re an integral part of your panels retracting mechanism, allowing it to bend at just the right times. In […]

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Warning: Don’t Lubricate Garage Door Tracks!

Not All Your Garage Door Parts Need Lubricant Keeping your garage door parts well-lubricated is generally considered a good idea when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of your door. Nearly every part could use a light coating of silicone or white lithium grease a few times a year. However, one mistake often made by […]

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How to Buy the Right Garage Door Opener

The Complete Garage Door Opener Purchasing Guide When buying new garage doors, few homeowners take the time to consider which garage door opener to purchase with it. Automatic openers come in three different levels of horsepower along with three different drive belt systems. In order to get the most out of your new door, you […]

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6 Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

Top 6 Garage Opening Problems and Their Solutions Things have changed since the days of manually heaving your garage door open. The invention of automatic garage door openers provides a level of convenience that’s hard to beat. The ability to open your garage at the press of a button just makes life easier! With that […]

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Best Practices that Can Prolong Garage Door Life

Three Simple Tips for All Garage Owners A garage door offers a convenient way to enter and exit your home, store vehicles, and keep your property safe. As long as you follow proper maintenance and safety precautions, you can expect to have a garage door that performs well for many years to come. Here at […]

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The Dangers of a Garage Door Off Track

Watch Out for a Stuck and Crooked Garage Door We only truly appreciate the importance of a garage door once it breaks down. Though they’re probably one of the most well-made parts of your home, a garage door is prone to occasional repairs. One of the most common issues you’ll likely come across as a […]

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Watch out for Fraudulent Garage Door Repair Companies

Learn How to Protect Yourself From Repair Fraud As reported a few years ago by Dallas News, garage repair fraud is a very real problem. In the report, an elderly couple hired a repairman for a simple job of programming his remote. This should have costed less than $100 but the customer was left with […]

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Here’s a DIY Garage Dent Repair Trick Anyone Can Do!

A Quick Tip for Resolving Garage Door Dents Nobody likes an unsightly dent in their door, especially if they’re brand new garage doors. Before you pick up the phone and call for help, give this neat little trick a try. You’ll need a sponge, soap, water, aluminum foil, a can of air, and some type […]

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Why You Should Call a Professional for Garage Door Spring Repair

Your garage door springs are what make raising a couple hundred pound garage door feel like a breeze. These large springs counteract the force of gravity. What’s important to remember is they are under an incredible amount of tension. That’s why repairing your garage door springs is a job best left to a professional. If the spring should break, it can cause serious bodily injury. A professional garage service has both the tools and the expertise to do the job safely and correctly. If you notice the springs are worn, rusty or brittle, call a professional for an inspection. It’s better to be safe than sorry!