Best Practices that Can Prolong Garage Door Life

Three Simple Tips for All Garage Owners

A garage door offers a convenient way to enter and exit your home, store vehicles, and keep your property safe. As long as you follow proper maintenance and safety precautions, you can expect to have a garage door that performs well for many years to come.

Here at EDH-Serrano, we’ve talked a lot about keeping your garage door parts well lubricated. But what other best practices are there for garage owners? We’ve dug up three mistakes that garage door users make all too often. Read on to learn more.

3 Ways You Could Mess up Your Garage

1) Dislodged Sensors

The sensors found on both sides of the garage door base must be accurately aligned for the door to function properly. They’re a great safety feature and can prevent damage and injuries from occurring. However, during the normal course of operation, it’s common for them to become misaligned or dirty.

To fix:

– Adjust the sensors with your hand and try to line them up. Adjustments can also be made by loosening the bracket that holds it in place.

– Due to the sensitivity of the sensors, even the slightest nearby object can prevent operation. Ensure the path between them is cleared appropriately.

– Wipe both lenses clean with a soft microfiber cloth. Be careful not to scratch them.

– Inspect the wiring behind the lenses and make sure it’s not damaged or tangled up

2) Keep Stuff Away from the Garage Door Rails

The rails on your garage door are designed to keep it secure while it operates. A slight obstruction can cause a garage door off track problem, which is extremely dangerous.

– Don’t place objects in or near the rails.

– Don’t lubricate the rails as it isn’t needed.

– Some home and business owners have placed storage shelves on either side of the garage doors. We have seen the items being stored on the shelves fall over and get in the way of a closing door, causing it to come right off the track. Shelves are great but keep them away from the door and rails.

3) Pulling Into the Garage? Make Sure You Have Enough Clearance

Parking your vehicle in the garage is a normal habit for most garage owners. In fact, it becomes such a habit that when owners purchase a bike or kayak and place it on top of the vehicle for transportation, they’ll drive right into the garage and forget to check if there’s enough clearance. This leads to a devastating amount of damage to their garage, often requiring new garage doors to be installed.

– Measure the amount of clearance you have from the top of your car to the top of your garage. This can help you remember the need to exercise caution while driving into a garage.

– If needed, step out of your vehicle and make sure there’s room to pull in. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Practicing Garage Door Awareness Could Save Money

Staying alert while operating your garage door can go a long way in preventing costly accidents. With a little knowledge and proper care, you can keep your garage problem-free for many years to come.

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