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When’s The Last Time You Cleaned Your Garage?

Spring cleaning should be a constant state of mind! Cleaning the garage can be a huge pain and many people continually put it off until the seasons change. Once spring rolls around, folks will dust off the laziness and take a stab at cleaning their garage. And while it’s always great to see tidy garages, […]

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Garage Door Repairs Can Take Time 

Rarely do things break during a convenient time. Modern life is so busy, adding repairs into the mix can take away precious time that could be dedicated to friends, families, and hobbies. Unlike other minor repairs around the house, a garage door messing up requires immediate attention, especially if your car is stuck inside and […]

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Weather-Proofing Your Garage Door

As the weather gets colder and less predictable in the winter months, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your garage safe from the elements. You store some of the most valuable things you own in your garage – your car, your important gardening tools, and even athletic equipment. Don’t leave it to […]

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Garage Space in Our Homes is the Most Underused Living Space

When we think of garage space, some people conjure up images of dark, dank cement floors and spiders. Not us. We see unlimited potential for some of the most creative living space in the entire home. Garage space is very unique because it is often large, open, and has the interesting feature of being about […]

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3 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Most people don’t realize they need to replace their garage door opener until the day they’re garage door doesn’t open and their car’s stuck inside. This is an inconvenient hassle. But if you pay attention to the condition of your garage door opener and its performance, you should be able to spot the issue before […]

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A Guide to New Garage Door Installation

The truth is if your garage door is over 20 years it may be time to consider replacing it. The good news is a new garage door installation has one of the highest return on investments for all home improvements — nearly 97%, virtually dollar for dollar. The reason for this is because of curb […]

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How Much Will Your Garage Door Repair Cost?

Here’s the deal: Sure, some minor garage door repairs you can do yourself, like tightening the bolts as a routine maintenance. But many repairs will require the expertise of a professional. And yes, there will be some costs. How much a garage door repair will cost depends on the nature and complexity of the repair, […]

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Fiberglass Security Doors Keep You Safe

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business, a safe and protective door to consider is one made of fiberglass. Fiberglass security doors are known to be extremely durable and are resistant to rot or rust. They can withstand heavy blows, especially from intruders, heavy gusts of winds, and the debris that they can bring. This is due to a polyurethane core and reinforced steel plates. Despite their substantial and secure inside, fiberglass doors can be versatile in design and can take on the look of classic wooden doors, making them perfect for your neighborhood home or chic commercial business.