How An Air Curtain Can Be a Valuable Addition to Your Business 

A large commercial business that’s customer-facing should consider investing in an air curtain. While customers likely don’t realize what air curtains are, they certainly enjoy shopping in stores and dining in restaurants that have them. These devices act as a literal separation device between the inside and outside world, making the former far more engaging. Businessowners who have air curtains installed can’t stop singing their praises as cost-efficient additions. So, what exactly are these great devices? 

An air curtain hangs above a storefront door, or any other major entrance, where it blows out cool air, creating a divide between the inside of the business and outside. A simple installation could leave customers smiling. 

Customers & Employees Enjoy Cool Air

Air curtains cultivate a positive and pleasant shopping experience for customers. Installing one will keep out unpleasant smells and insects. Consider how annoying a shopping or dining experience could be if the stench of a nearby business entered your estate. Or how about enjoying a fine meal with a bee or mosquito flying around? While these situations are mostly out of a businessowner’s control, installing an air curtain can change that. Results will vary depending on the business you operate (and where it’s located) but air curtains will largely keep unwanted debris, scents, and bugs outs. 

Beyond creating a more hospitable environment for customers, employees will enjoy their clean work workplace. Don’t expect pollution or dust with an air curtain installed, which means employees (and by extension, customers) won’t be sneezing the day away. Workers and contractors won’t be distracted by bugs flying around. If your business operates in an area dominated by foul smells, such as near a dumping ground, or fish market, your employees will thank you when they don’t have to smell outside trash. 

Overall, an air curtain can create a clean environment that customers love visiting and employees adore working at. Cleanliness is just the start, however, as installing an air curtain can save you money.

How An Air Curtain Puts Money Back in Your Pocket

Air curtains are particularly helpful during the summer when the customers and employees are craving cool air. Installing an air window can prevent outside air from coming in, creating an optimal, pleasant temperature inside. They also stop precious cool air from escaping, meaning you’re not paying more for air that’s not even in staying inside the building. Expect less wear and tear on your already existing heating and cooling systems with an air curtain in place. During the winter months, employees will be grateful that precious hot air from your heating system doesn’t mingle with the harsh weather from outside. Saving money on your heating and cooling bill affords you the opportunity to invest in other additions, like security doors to protect your employees or enclosure gates that lock away your dumpster.

To that end, installing an air window will create a welcoming environment that isn’t disruptive. Your doors can be open throughout the business day without having to sacrifice air quality. Having a constantly open door welcomes customers, leaving a positive impression that they’ll surely boast about. Customers will want to rush in during hot summer months when they know cool air is just a few steps away. 

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Storefront Door Installation Begins with A Simple Step

If you need a brand-new commercial door for your store, you’ll have to determine the right design and material choice. Aluminum storefront doors are extremely popular but there are more options on the market that can spark excitement. If you have the space, sliding glass doors are a fantastic option to reel customers in. If you run a boutique shop, a wooden storefront door will be aesthetically pleasing and set the tone for the shopping experience. Don’t forget glass doors, which boast natural light and feature great insulation methods. If you’re stumped, a storefront door installation company can help you pick the right door to fit your budget and style.