How to Determine If You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring

If you recently heard a loud crashing sound in your garage while trying to use the garage door, you may be dealing with a garage door spring issue. It’s a good idea to inspect your garage door springs four times a year, checking for slack in the springs, rust, or brittleness. Be careful when dealing with garage door springs that are visible damaged because if they break, they can cause serious injury.

Signs of a broken garage door spring include a garage door that will no longer open, one that is suddenly much heavier to lift and/or a visible break in the spring itself. Garage door springs can break over time with normal wear and tear, and they may also be compromised by extreme weather. Most standard garage door springs last about ten years and should be replaced before they become dangerous.

You can lengthen the life of your garage door springs by lubricating them with a specialty garage door lubricant, such as lithium grease or silicone. Use a brush to apply the lubricant, as you don’t want your fingers in and around the springs.

Be sure not to attempt to repair the garage door yourself, as they are extremely heavy and can easily injure anyone without plenty of experience in the process. Call us here at El Dorado Hills Garage Door Repair today and we will schedule an initial quote and assessment to get your garage functioning again as soon as possible. We service the greater El Dorado Hills area for garage door repairs, including Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Plasterville and Folsom.

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Garage Door Off Track In El Dorado Hills? We Can Help!

Have you tried closing your garage door only to be left with a slanted garage door shifted to one side? This means your door may have come off its track. It could have happened from using too much force while closing the door or if the cables snapped. A door that was hit by a car or your child’s basketball can also fall off track. Don’t sweat it, stuff happens. Don’t try to force the door down as it could only make things worse. Our repair company is available 24/7 for service calls. Just give a call and we’ll get your door operating again in no time.