Is It Time Your Garage Got New Weatherstripping?

Garage Running a Little Hot? Check Your Weatherstripping

A hot, stuffy garage in El Dorado Hills tends to mean there’s not enough insulation on the garage door or the weatherstripping has worn out. Check the base of your garage door. A rubbery strip runs along the entire bottom of the door in order to help provide insulation from the outside environment and temperatures. This strip can quickly become worn and require replacing with a new one. If you notice cracks, tearing, or any other damage then it’s time to buy a replacement. You can usually find them in your local hardware store.

You Can Change Your Garage Door’s Weatherstripping Yourself

Fortunately, this is a fairly easy DIY repair. But it’s important to accurately measure the garage door weatherstripping you are going to replace. It’s always good to have a little extra then not enough, since you can always trim off the excess. This repair job pretty much involves removing the old garage door weatherstripping from your garage door and reattaching the new. All it requires is a Phillips head screwdriver. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you replace it:

  1. Buy What You Need – You’ll need a new weatherstripping kit, a screwdriver, and a ladder.
  2. Remove Old Weatherstripping – Carefully peel off the existing weatherstripping from the door frame. Clean any residual adhesive and grime.
  3. Measure the Length – Using a measuring tape, measure the dimensions of the door frame where the weatherstripping will be placed. 
  4. Cut the New Weatherstripping – Cut the garage door’s new weatherstripping to the measured length using a knife or scissors. 
  5. Install the Weatherstripping – Starting at the top of the garage door frame, attach the weatherstripping. You simply press it firmly into place. Work your way down the sides and across the bottom, ensuring a snug fit and a complete seal.
  6. Secure the Ends – Trim any excess weatherstripping if necessary. Following the manufacturer recommendations.
  7. Test the Seal – Close the garage door and check for any gaps or irregularities. The weatherstripping should create a tight seal along the entire garage door.

You can easily replace the weatherstripping on your garage door yourself! But, if the new weatherstripping doesn’t improve the garage temperature, try a DIY garage insulation project.


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