Why Should I Repair My Storefront Door? 

Some of the most common complaints about storefront doors include doors that are too hard to pull or doors that just won’t close. Your door might even be developing a gap, which could be because of previous faulty installation. If your business is in a particularly hot area and the door is made up of metal or aluminum, there’s a chance the shape of the door could change. If your door is warped, there’s a chance it might return to its original shape, but it’ll also continue to be a problem on hot days. Better to get it fixed before it causes further issues. Other things to keep in mind include the precious wasting of resources, such as heat or cooling, which could be escaping your establishment if your door isn’t being properly shut. 

If traffic is being stalled because of issues with the door, it’s time to call it quits and either repair it or splurge for a new one. Cosmetic issues might also plague your door, such as cracks or chips that are developing. There might even be hard to wash, almost permanent graffiti that’s taken up valuable estate on your door. First impressions matter and if your business doesn’t look inviting, chances are you’re missing out on potential clients. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Door? 

It’s important to consider your long-term plans and needs for your business. There might be a myriad of reasons why you might want to replace your door instead of repairing it, with the most common being cosmetic purposes. If your business needs a new look, it could be time to consider replacing it to attract new customers. However, you can always polish off, clean, and repair your existing door to make it shine. If security is important to you, consider reinforcing your current door with stranger hinges and a more complex lock system. 

There are other reasons to consider replacing your storefront’s door though. If you’re concerned with the security of your entryways, an upgrade to a safer aluminum framed door might be just what you need to make your store feel safer. Security doors like this come in a wide variety of aesthetic choices as well, which experts can help you match to exactly what you want your storefront to look like.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what’s a smarter option for your business. While replacing your door might be seen to be the smartest decision, consider what a nice repair with some added enhancements could do to your already existing door. 

Who Should Repair My Door? 

Ask around and see what repair shops friends and other business owners in your area recommend. Be sure to spend considerable time researching any potential repair companies by poring through their reviews and testimonials. If you’re renting your property, consider asking the landlord if they have any recommendations they’d like to share. It’s important to go with a tried and tested professional company to ensure the job gets done the first time around and should any problems arise, they’ll be able to patch things back up in a jiffy. Not to mention if the safety and security of your store is on your mind, putting your doors in the hands of experts is always the best choice. 

If expertise and knowledge are what you’re looking from a door repair company, call the storefront door pros to help. We’ll be able to guide you through the entire process to ensure your doors are operating as well as possible.

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Overhead Garage Door Cleaning Tips

After you’ve had a successful deep clean of the garage, it’s time to pay attention to the overhead garage door. After daily use and weather changes, the automatic garage door is likely in need of a spring cleaning itself. If you have an aluminum, glass, or steel overhead garage door, you can use hot water and soap to give your door a new shine. Garage doors made of wood might require a new protective coat. Be sure to apply garage door lubricant to moving parts while you’re at it. If you notice any damage on your overhead door, be sure to contact a garage door repair company to check it out.