The Different Types of Tractor Trailer Doors

Tractor trailer doors are made up of many important parts that work in tandem to ensure merchandise is transported safely. Though it’s difficult to pinpoint just how many trucks are on the road, it’s stated that over 70% of goods in the United States are transported by tractor trailers. Not only are tractor trailers important to the world but they’re also at the heart of your business. Truck doors come in two common designs: roll-up and swing, both which are self-explanatory. 

Depending on the materials used, both doors will withstand significant abuse and can provide key security to your driver and merchandise. Both doors have been around for decades and are valuable in their own unique way. 

Roll-up Tractor Trailer Doors

Roll-up tractor trailer doors were actually invented as a response to a lack of swing doors. In many ways, the roll-up truck doors can be considered improvements for both truck owners and those who load and unload merchandise. Because of the nature of the door, a slightly reduced opening clearance is given. Roll-up doors are certainly easier to open and operate, and don’t require much space/clearance. Since they don’t swing out, these tractor trailer doors can be considered safer and easier to operate. 

Swing Truck Doors 

Similar to barn doors, swinging doors open to their sides. This forces truck drivers to create optimal clearance to load and unload material. Because of their design, they’ll often need to be opened before they can be parked in loading docks so merchandise can be unloaded. While they may be more difficult to open, they provide a large area for opening. 

The Importance of Tractor Trailer Doors

Trucks naturally have to be repaired over time but not much attention is paid to tractor trailer doors. If doors aren’t working, the fleet isn’t running, which means emergency repair is always a must. Fleet owners should always have a service and repair company ready to call when anything goes wrong with a tractor trailer door. And many things can go wrong with these specially designed doors. Depending on the route and stops, tractor trailer doors can open multiple times a day, causing wear and tear. Pay particular attention to door roller and springs, especially as they go through various different climates and conditions. It’s also important to keep an eye out on the door’s lock as if that has its issues, your merchandise and driver are at risk. 

Spend time replacing worn and rusted truck door parts and perform routine maintenance to ensure doors are opening and closing smoothly. The last thing you want is for your driver to call you in the middle of the road with a door that doesn’t open or won’t lock. Tractor trailer doors should be treated with the same importance as engines. It’s best to have repairs dealt with as soon as possible instead of putting your driver and merchandise at risk while they’re out on the road. Emergency repair while traveling can cost a fortune, so it’s best to have inspections done in a timely manner. 

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Why Is My Door Off Track?

A garage door jumping off track is a fairly simple and common repair that can be handled by qualified experts. Take note of the rollers on your garage door track. Are they worn out or damaged? If so, they can slip off the tracks, which can lead to an inoperable door. You can also have a door off track if the track itself is not aligned properly or damaged. Be sure to regularly clean and maintain your tracks so debris, dust, and grime don’t build up over time, which can force the door to go off the rails. In most cases, a garage door service can have the track fixed in an hour.