Here’s a DIY Garage Dent Repair Trick Anyone Can Do!

A Quick Tip for Resolving Garage Door Dents

Nobody likes an unsightly dent in their door, especially if they’re brand new garage doors. Before you pick up the phone and call for help, give this neat little trick a try.

You’ll need a sponge, soap, water, aluminum foil, a can of air, and some type of heat.

Start by cleaning the dent well with soap and water. Be careful not to press too hard as you don’t want to worsen it. Once the spot is nice and clean, let it sit for a few hours to dry.

Afterward, place your aluminum foil over the top of the dent and then apply your heat source directly to the foil. This could be a simple lighter or a blow torch – whatever you have available. Stop after about a minute and remove the foil. Working quickly, hold your can of air upside and spray the dent directly. It’ll release an extremely cold carbon dioxide solution so be sure to wear gloves and not get it on your hands.

The dent should immediately begin to retract and return the door to its former shape. This trick also works on car dents and has a pretty good success rate.

What If My Door Is Still Damaged?

Unfortunately, this dent removal method is guaranteed to work all the time. Most dents are only cosmetic and can be safely ignored. However, if the dent impedes the operation of your door, then you’ll need to call a garage door repair company to help out.


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Make Sure Your Tracks are Aligned to Prevent Door Off Track

One way to prevent your door from coming off track is to make sure your tracks are in perfect alignment. From time to time, spot check your garage door tracks to make sure they are straight. Using a ruler against a straight edge of the garage — say a side door or some trim work — is a good way to ensure an absolutely straight line. If the tracks are not straight, unscrew the top bolt of the tracks and reposition them until they are. It’s a quick and easy DIY garage door repair that can save you a lot of headache — not to mention expensive damage to your garage door. If a door comes off its tracks, it’s a serious inconvenience. You need to stop using it right away. Forcing a jammed door can cause expensive damage to the door and the track. It also risks serious bodily injury.