Watch out for Fraudulent Garage Door Repair Companies

Learn How to Protect Yourself From Repair Fraud

As reported a few years ago by Dallas News, garage repair fraud is a very real problem. In the report, an elderly couple hired a repairman for a simple job of programming his remote. This should have costed less than $100 but the customer was left with a $1,700 bill. Unfortunately, these types of stories are all too common. In the spirit of preventing this type of fraud, EDH-Serrano has compiled some tips you can use to protect yourself from scams.

1) Check ratings for the company using local review services such as Google Businesses, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

2) Ask for a quote upfront. Any reputable garage door service should be able to provide an estimate.

3) High-pressure sales tactics and aggressive technicians aren’t acceptable. While upselling is a normal part of business, you should never feel uncomfortable or pressured into making a purchase. Honesty is key. If a replacement part isn’t needed or provides no benefit, they shouldn’t be trying to make you buy one.

4) Request to see their license and ask if their “bonded”, which means you’re not financially responsible for a poor repair. Reputable companies are insured.

5) Written contracts are useful. They provide clear expectations of service and offer legal protection if things go south. Always read before signing.

Avoid Scams and Stay Safe

If for any reason you get bad vibes when calling for service, follow your instinct and terminate the call. Both calling a repair company and dealing with a technician at your home should be a pleasant experience and not an uncomfortable one.

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It’s a question we get asked a lot at our garage door repair company in El Dorado Hills. Should I repair my door or install a brand new garage door? If you’re asking yourself this question, chances are you already know the answer. If you own a home with a garage long enough, the garage door is going to break. That’s just a natural rule of homeowning. And most of the time, the repairs are fairly simple and inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of a new door. But garage doors are only meant to last for so long — say 15 to 25 years. Eventually, they get worn down. They look beat up, and this can seriously bring down the value of your home. They break down more regularly, and they can even become dangerous. Most homeowners will replace at least one garage door during their lifetime. The good news is a new garage door has one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement — 99%, virtually dollar for dollar. Essentially, you are reinvesting money into the value of your own home. And that’s a great thing.