Garage Door Opener Repair In El Dorado Hills

Automatic overhead garage door openers have made life easier for millions across the world. Thanks to door openers, homeowners don’t have to physically lift up their doors. Not only is this time consuming and physically demanding, but also dangerous. The automatic door opener is the mothership of the entire setup and should things go awry, there’s a chance you won’t be able to access your door and park your car. You’ll naturally want to find the best garage door repair company in your area to get your opener fixed. Before you make the call, try and understand what may be causing the issue – there’s a chance your door opener may not be at fault. 

Is There Something Wrong With your Overhead Garage Door?

If you are hearing an unusual grinding or rubbing noise when using your automatic garage door, it’s likely that your door has jumped off track. The noise won’t go away if you ignore it as there’s a chance your garage door might need to be repaired. A door that has jumped off track can create significant wear and tear on key garage door parts.  Other issues to keep an eye and ear out for include a motor that is turning but does not result in garage door movement, a cable or chain that is hanging off its rail/track or has significant rust. Rust is an immediate sign that overhead garage door parts need to be replaced. A key area to keep an eye out for is the door’s springs, though it’s recommended only experts in overhead garage doors deal with them. Beyond that, an obvious sign that a repair is needed is when your garage door simply ceases to open. 

Could Your Garage Door Opener Be Causing Issues?

Often, your automatic overhead garage door opener can be fixed with a simple repair. These can be performed at home with DIY instructions, which we have plenty of, especially on common topics such as garage doors going off track. In other cases, the mechanism may need to be replaced. In the last decade, the garage door opener industry has seen significant improvements, so a faulty opener may be a blessing in disguise. A brand new, “smart” enabled automatic overhead door opener allows users to remotely operate it. Add a security camera and you can see who is coming in and out your garage from anywhere in the world. This garage door opener upgrade is perfect for letting the kids in after school.

Let The Experts Handle Any Garage Door Opener Repair

While it’s always great to get your hands dirty, keep in mind that garage doors are costly investments and weigh a ton. Safety is key, so in this case, it’s best to defer to a professional company. Overhead garage door openers should be installed and handled by experts so homeowners don’t have to deal with any issues. Shoddy and quick installation could potentially lead to further repairs, which could put even more wear and tear on your costly garage door. Get the job done once by dealing with the best garage door repair companies in your area. If you need garage door service in the El Dorado Hills area (including Plasterville, Folsom, Cameron Park and Shingle Springs), we offer a variety of services that will return you garage door to the best shape possible. 

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Tuning Up Old Rusted Garage Door Parts

If you’re facing rusted up garage door panels or any other piece of your door, you may be able to clean them up. For panels, scrub vigorously with a hot soapy solution. Sand it and then finish by repainting it. When it comes to other parts like torsion and extension springs, nuts and bolts, hinges, and more, you can use a rust remover and scrub them. Make sure to apply a light layer of lubrication afterward to prevent metal on metal contact. If some pieces have been neglected for years, then they may be too rusted to salvage and will need replacing by your local repair company.