The Dangers of a Garage Door Off Track

Watch Out for a Stuck and Crooked Garage Door

We only truly appreciate the importance of a garage door once it breaks down. Though they’re probably one of the most well-made parts of your home, a garage door is prone to occasional repairs. One of the most common issues you’ll likely come across as a homeowner is a jammed overhead door.  

What To Do If Your Door Becomes Stuck

If your door suddenly jams and appears stuck in a crooked position – don’t mess with it! One of the first instincts of people in this situation is to try and force the door closed but this is not only dangerous, it could make the problem even worse. Your door has likely veered off track, which could have happened for a number of reasons. This is one of the most common repairs — and should be treated like a repair by a certified expert.  

Do not touch the door. If you decide to yank the door, there’s a high chance the entire door could come crashing down on you. Garage doors are extremely heavy and should they topple onto you, you’re looking at severe injuries. It’s not worth messing with.

If you don’t have a garage door repair service you’ve previously used, head online and find a local repair expert who can come as soon as possible. Garage doors never break down during convenient times, so it’s extremely likely that you need emergency repair. If your car is inside the garage, cancel whatever plans you had for the day and wait for an expert to remedy the situation.   

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“Is It Time To Replace My Garage Door?” You Ask, We Answer

When’s the best time to get a new garage door? If you’re asking yourself this question, the short answer is the sooner the better. If it’s purely a question of aesthetics, you can wait on your tax return. In fact, it is probably best to be able to save and plan your budget so that you can afford to invest in real quality. This will have the greatest impact on the value of your home. In fact, studies show that new garage doors actually have a 122% ROI in California and places like El Dorado. But if it’s a safety issue, you really should look to install new doors as soon as possible. You don’t want to risk the door hurting a child or pet, ruining your tracks, or leaving your home unsecured.