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Garage Door Insulation: Polyurethane or Polystyrene?

Choosing the Best Insulating Material for Your Garage High temperature is no stranger to the residents of El Dorado Hills. Sunshine and warmth are nice but when it comes to garages, it can be uncomfortable. If you’re not ready to spend money on new garage doors, then a DIY insulation kit might just be the […]

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Have You Performed a Safety Inspection for Your Garage Door?

The Importance of Frequent Garage Door Inspections At EDH-Serrano, your safety is our first priority. With June being the official garage door safety month, we wanted to offer some tips on staying safe around your door. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to garage doors is their weight. While it […]

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How to Convert Your Garage into a New Room

Most people think that the garage is for storing your car and other household belongings. At most, you might think to use the extra space at the back as a workshop or a place for your teen to play his drum set outside of your house, for obvious reasons. But did you know that you […]

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Contemporary Carriage Doors Can Open Overhead, Instead of Swinging Out

The most basic residential garage door is an aluminum, steel or fiberglass overhead door. It is sectioned off into panels that gather at your garage’s ceiling when opened by a motorized opener. You may have noticed that carriage-style doors are popping up in the poshest new neighborhoods, but don’t forget they are the original garage doors and are ideal for historic homes as well. Swinging out, attached with a hinge, is how all garage doors used to be, but contemporary carriage-style doors are constructed to open overhead as well.