Have You Performed a Safety Inspection for Your Garage Door?

The Importance of Frequent Garage Door Inspections

At EDH-Serrano, your safety is our first priority. With June being the official garage door safety month, we wanted to offer some tips on staying safe around your door. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to garage doors is their weight. While it may not seem like it, your door can weigh in excess of 400 pounds. A door that comes crashing down can cause destructive, and sometimes deadly, force.

The Department of Pediatrics devised a great way to safety test your garage door. Place a large roll of paper towels under the door and hit the automatic opener. The door should automatically reverse when encountering it. If you have sensors, then it may not even operate. Should the door actually crush the paper towel roll, this is a sign emergency maintenance is required.

When shutting a garage door, you should always remain present until it has fully closed.

While new garage doors are much safer than their older style counterparts, we must still remain vigilant when operating one.

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Garage Door Spring Repair: Should You Upgrade to Torsion?

The two major types of garage springs are called extension and torsion. Many older garages are equipped with extension springs which are considerably cheaper than the newer torsion types. When you have a broken garage door extension spring, the technician may recommend upgrading to a torsion. The reason for this is that torsion springs have a better safety profile, reduce the risk of a door off track, and last many times longer than extension. While there is an increased cost, they tend to pay for themselves many times over. We recommend all new doors to be installed with torsion springs only.