Lack the Space for a New 2 Car Garage? Introducing the 1.5 Car Garage

Lack the Space for a New 2 Car Garage Introducing the 1.5 Car GarageLiving in El Dorado Hills, California is beautiful — perfect weather and a great community. We’re truly blessed to live here and be part of the neighborhood. But one thing this place doesn’t have a lot of is space. Real estate is at a premium. When it comes to new garage door installations, one of the challenges we have is finding a garage situation that can meet the space requirements. Fortunately, there’s the 1.5 car garage — slightly larger than a single car garage but not as big as the 2 car garage. It gives you just enough space to comfortably park your car safely and securely, with a little extra for storage. Let’s take a look at this amazing option for garage door installation.

The Best of All Worlds

Granted, nobody has a .5 car. Even the Smart Car probably counts for at least ¾ wide. But it is a garage that will accommodate a regular size car plus a little room for extras such as a motorcycle, a lawn mower or athletic equipment. Plus, it can accommodate a large vehicle easily if you drive a big SUV.

Most one car size garages are about 12 to 16 feet wide. A 1.5 car garage is about 16 and 20 feet. It’s a happy medium between a 2 car garage at 20 to 24 feet and a 3 car garage at 30 feet.

Small Footprint

Many neighborhoods in El Dorado Hills are just too risky for street parking, especially if you drive a nice car. And often you don’t have the acreage for a large garage.

Yet one car garages can be too limiting. You barely have enough room to get and out of the car. Kiss your dreams of keeping a lawnmower or motorcycle in your garage goodbye.

A 1.5 car garage is a happy medium. You have plenty of room to store a car and extra storage within a very limited space.

Have a Young Driver?

If you have a young driver, you know that landing an SUV in a single car garage is like nailing the Death Star on the first try. There’s very little room for error. A that extra .5 of space could save your bumper or car door.

Wrestling Kids

Even if your kids aren’t driving age, you know what a hassle it can be to wrestle them into the car, especially if car seats are involved. A 1.5 car garage provides just enough space to do it with ease.

Considering a New Garage?

So if you’re considering installing a new garage for the first time but don’t have a lot of space to work with, a 1.5 car garage gives you more options. And there are a number of new garage doors on the market to fit this size so you don’t have to custom build anything or reinvent the wheel.

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