Garage Door Insulation: Polyurethane or Polystyrene?

Choosing the Best Insulating Material for Your Garage

High temperature is no stranger to the residents of El Dorado Hills. Sunshine and warmth are nice but when it comes to garages, it can be uncomfortable. If you’re not ready to spend money on new garage doors, then a DIY insulation kit might just be the solution.

Insulating kits can found in hardware stores and offer an affordable way to keep your garage cool and pleasant to spend time in. Whether you choose to replace your doors or purchase a kit, garage insulation typically comes in two different styles: polystyrene and polyurethane.

Polystyrene is the same kind of material used in those flimsy disposable coffee cups. While it’s the cheaper option, its insulating capabilities aren’t the best. Polyurethane is a thick polymer that provides superb insulating qualities, but it’s slightly more expensive.

Some doors and kits also come with a reflective aluminum foil that further increases insulation.

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Garage Door Off Track? Stop Using It Immediately!

Your garage door rollers are what cause your garage door to go up and down the track smoothly. If they come off the track of your garage door, you should stop operating the door immediately. It may be tempting to continue to use the door but you can cause serious damage to the door and the track. If repaired before the track becomes too bent, it’s not an expensive and can even be done yourself with a few simple tools. Continue to use it, however, and your entire door could become severely damaged and the track warped. You’ll need a new track and maybe a new door. What could be a simple repair suddenly becomes a several hundred dollar job. Give us a call. We do emergency calls for the El Dorado Hills area.