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How To Stop Your Garage Door’s Rattling Noise

Garage doors are valuable, and important, aspects of your home and should be treated as such when they start acting out of the norm. Would you take the time to fix your front door if it was busted? Keeping your garage door repaired is at least as important for the security of your home, and […]

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Instantly Weather Proof Your Garage Door

If you live in our region of Northern California, also known as Norcal, you’re definitely familiar with the seasons. Known for our wine region due to a Mediterranean climate, the seasons can change from damp wet winters to hot dry summers. California is a very large state and thus SoCal weather is more desert like […]

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Easy Garage Repairs to Cut Your Energy Bill & Save Money

Going green usually means making lifestyle changes that are good for the earth. But the flip side is that you can save money too. When it comes to your garage and garage door, there are several changes you can make that are friendly for the environment as well as your electric bill. Here are a […]

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5 DIY Garage Door Repairs to Cut Your Energy Costs

After California suffered its worst wildfire year in history, the realities of climate change have become undeniable. We all want to do our part. The good news is that going green is not only great for the environment — it does wonders for your budget. By making your garage door more environmentally friendly, you’ll spend […]

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3 Risks to DIY Garage Door Repair

Sure, some garage door repairs fit into the DIY category if you’re fairly handy with tools and can Google it. But remember a garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. It raises and lowers with amazing ease because of the incredible tension in your torsion springs, a withheld force that also makes them extremely dangerous. Plus, […]

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Storefront Door Repair for Warped Doors

As a business owner, it’s important to stay on top of your storefront door and ensure it is operating properly. One common storefront door repair that plagues businesses in hot climates is warped doors. An aluminum storefront door can be warped and out of shape, forcing the materials to expand due to heat. A warped door can become difficult to open and won’t operate as smoothly as it will be out of shape when compared to its frame. To fix a storefront door, contact a repair service company to find and install a replacement that is made of stronger materials.