Clean Your Garage and Organize Your Life in Easy Steps

Clean Your Garage and Organize Your Life in Easy StepsWeekends are precious. When we use them as time to get work done, you want that time to count. The trouble is that much of our weekend work takes place in the garage. And if your garage isn’t clean, most of your Saturday will be spent trying to find tools and find enough room to pull of the task you want to accomplish. Messy garages are time killers. You tell yourself you don’t have time to do it, but the reality is you’ll waste more time putting up with a messy garage than you’ll use to actually solve the problem.

Is Your Messy Garage a Problem?

Can you park your car in your garage if you had to? If the answer is no, it’s time to get your cleaning gloves on.

Parking outside might not seem like such a big deal, but you’re exposing your car to the elements. And considering the heavy rain and hot sun we tend to get in the El Dorado Hills, your car can suffer some serious weather damage. Plus, parking in your garage is also a theft deterrent, which is a pretty big deal in Southern California.

And if you can’t park your car, chances are you also can’t find your tools. You’ll waste most of a Saturday just trying to find a screwdriver. Get organized and your to-do list gets done before you even know it.

Break It Down

We get it. Really messy garages can be overwhelming. But they make life so much harder. In fact, too much stuff can even damage your garage door. Objects can get in the way of the tracks, for example, causing the door to go off track or be out of balance.

Mark a day off your calendar to tackle it. Plan a reward system for yourself — stock the fridge with your favorite beer, order out for pizza, take the family out to dinner as a victory prize. Bribery works, especially when it’s self-prescribed.

And don’t be afraid to enlist the whole family. If you’ve got a lot of family knick-knacks stored in your garage, it can even be the perfect time to bond down memory lane. And don’t forget it’s their mess too. Let the whole house own the cleanup job.

Organize to Live Better

Sort your stuff into 3 piles: keep, donate, trash (or recycle if possible). Some chemical products such as cleansers, batteries, even old electronic equipment will have to be disposed of properly. Here’s a list of places that handles E-waste and hazardous chemicals for El Dorado Hills.

Next, map out a floor plan of how you want to organize the stuff you do want to keep. Make sure you leave plenty of room for the garage door to open and close so you don’t need to fix it later. Plan where you’ll want your trash, recycling, and compost cans to be.

It might be time to bone up on your storage. Shelves, bins, hooks, and overhead compartments do wonders for containing the clutter. Peg boards and hooks are great for lightweight stuff. And don’t forget about overhead storage. If done safely, it’s a great way to optimize space without losing storage capabilities.

Stay Safe

It’s easy to forget but garages can be dangerous places, especially when messy. Be careful when you are rearranging heavy tools, boxes, and equipment. Give your garage a decent visual inspection. Check out your pulleys, springs, and cables for any rust, wear, or breakdown. If you do notice an issue, call a professional. These can be seriously hazardous garage door repairs best left to a garage door repair service that knows what they’re doing.

Any questions or concerns? We’d be happy to help. We serve thousands of families and businesses in the El Dorado Hills area.

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