Instantly Weather Proof Your Garage Door

If you live in our region of Northern California, also known as Norcal, you’re definitely familiar with the seasons. Known for our wine region due to a Mediterranean climate, the seasons can change from damp wet winters to hot dry summers. California is a very large state and thus SoCal weather is more desert like in comparison to a forest filled NorCal. Have you ever visited the California Redwoods? Definitely makes you feel out of this world! And there’s also snow showers up in the mountain tops of California’s two ranges. The Cascade Range and the Sierra Nevada Range, respectively,

When Does it Start Raining in Sacramento?

Also known as Sactown, Sacramanto and its neighboring cities have rainy winter months starting in October. Although late season rain can also begin to occur in December. During the wet season, the highest recorded rainfall usually occurs in the month of January. Although most who are native to Northern California are aware for the rainy winter months, this can have a whole different meaning as a new home owner.

Weatherproofing the Home Garage Door

Whether you just purchased your home or if you’ve had the house for a few years now, weatherproofing is definitely a necessity. Inhabiting a home for many years equals to random repairs over time. Sometimes it’s hard to notice the new needs of a home, especially when you see it everyday. How is your garage door functioning in terms of keeping water outside of the frame? Have you noticed any sort of flooding recently? If so, you may need weatherproof seals installed for the garage. Some of these are easily installed and can be a cool DIY home project. But, if you need help installing garage seals, definitely give us a call! Garage door seals are also a great addition to keep away unwanted pests, insects, drafts, etc.

Garage Door Repair for Water Damage

If there is tremendous water damage to the garage, call us today for the best garage door repair service in town. Perhaps your grandparents haven’t quite noticed the damage on the garage door due to weather conditions. Or maybe you’ve been out of town for months only to find a flooded garage upon arrival. We’re located in the Sacramento area with services provided for Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Clarksville and many more. Here in Northern California, we’re blessed with amazing weather all year round but we must protect our homes from potentially hazardous conditions.

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Different Types of Materials for Garage Doors

What kind of material do you want for your garage door? Besides budget, this is probably the first thing you should decide on. There are a number of materials to choose from. Wood is very popular because of its natural appeal. It does require more upkeep as it will need sanded and painted every few years. If not treated, it can be susceptible to bugs and warping. Wooden doors also tend to be a little more expensive. Many people who like the beauty of wood opt for a composite door that is part wood and part steel as a more affordable alternative. Steel is fairly affordable and extremely sturdy. You can get fortified steel doors that have thicker gauge for added security. Aluminum doors are lightweight and fairly easy to maintain. Modern aluminum doors don’t dent easily.