May the Force Be With You: Adjusting the Force of a Garage Door

May-the-Force-Be-With-You-Adjusting-the-Force-of-a-Garage-DoorLike a fine musical instrument, a garage door needs to be in tune. Too much force can cause your door to close with too much power, which can damage the door and cause injury. It’s important to tune the force so it is just right — not too much or too little. You can tune it yourself, but be aware this is a highly technical job that requires a fine hand and expertise. It might be a good idea to call a professional for this garage door repair.

Checking the Force of Your Garage Door

To check the force of your garage door, disconnect the opener and close the door from the inside. Check to see if the door lands tightly against the floor. If the door bounces back up after closing, the force likely needs adjusting.

Adjust the Door Opener Limit Switch

Climb a ladder and examine your garage door opener with a flashlight. Locate the limit switch and the adjustment screws on the opener. Adjust the screws with a screwdriver. Test the force again by opening and closing the door to see how tightly the door shuts.

If your door continues to reverse when you shut after several adjustments, it might be time to call a professional. Some garages can be like fine-tuning a piano.

Testing Your Opener’s Reverse Mechanism

To check if the reverse feature needs adjustment, raise and lower the door manually. If the door reverses, then most likely the reverse feature will need adjustment.

The reverse mechanism can be tested by adjusting the screws in the opener and manually lifting and lowering the door. Look for any signs of reversal. If further adjustment doesn’t solve the problem, contact our office in El Dorado Hills.

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What is the Garage Door Trolley?

The carriage on a garage door, also known as the trolley, is the part of the door that travels on the rail to reach the motor. An operating arm connects the trolley to the door, pushing or pulling the door as it opens or closes. Usually, it’s installed at the same time as the opener, but will occasionally wear out and need replaced. This is a DIY repair most people can do with the proper tools and equipment. Make sure to disconnect the power cord and always use a sturdy stepladder. Get someone to help you. Safety first.