DIY Garage Door Repair 101: Replacing the Garage Door Bottom Seal

How’s Your garage door weatherstripping? This time of year in El Dorado Hills, California is the perfect time to address any weatherstripping issues. When the stranger asks the homedweller why he doesn’t fix his leaky roof — “Well, right now it’s raining too hard. And when the sun’s shining, it don’t leak!” Replace garage door weatherstripping outside of the rainy season and you’ll be prepared for the next winter deluge before it floods.

What is Garage Door Weatherstripping?

Garage door weatherstripping, also known as the garage door bottom seal, is the rubber seal on the bottom of your garage door that keeps out rain and other debris from getting into your garage door. It’s a barrier that keeps your garage from flooding. But overtime, it can crack and need replaced.

Replacing the Garage Door Bottom Seal: An Easy DIY Job

You can purchase a garage door bottom seal at any hardware store. Replacing it is something you can easily do yourself. Remove and screws and brackets holding in the old one. Replace with the new one. You should be able to install it yourself in about an hour.

Need help? Just ask. We offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair to the El Dorado Hills, California area.

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How to Fix a Garage Door Off Track

If your garage door has come of its track, whatever you do — don’t force it. This can bend the vertical tracks and pop the rollers out of the track, which can cause serious and expensive damage. Getting the door back on the track is usually fairly simple. Start by disconnecting the opener. Manually open the door to the point it has come off the track and brace it with a secure metal bar. (This is safest when done by at least 2 people.) Stop the door to the tracks by fixing a pair of locking pliers in place. Next, bend the ride of the track open where the door has come off. Gently tap the door back onto the track with a rubber mallet. Next gently tap the track back into place. Test the door to see if it opens smoothly again.