Safety for the Convenience of a Garage Space

Most garage owners love having the extra space attached to their home. You can easily store anything in your garage and still make room to park your vehicle inside. A garage also offers a safe space for your beloved car or drum set. The kids wants to start a band with their neighborhood friends? Go ahead and use the garage. A place to build furniture or to start a homebrew kit. Pretty soon, your garage can turn into a very important meeting space. Now, what does this have to do with the new California law?

Electric Opener vs a Battery Powered Opener

In case of an emergency, for example: when the power goes out or if there’s a fire, the electric opener will not work. For the elderly or people with disabilities or living alone, this is a huge problem. Getting stuck inside without a battery powered garage door opener can be deadly. This is why the state has focused on a mandatory law which can increase the homeowners spending bill but will ensure safety.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Overhead Garage Door

When choosing an overhead commercial garage door, you want a solution that is reliable, durable, functional and secure. If the door is customer facing, it would help if it was aesthetically pleasing as well, especially if it’s for a restaurant, brewery, or coffee house. (Aluminum glass doors are perfect for these needs. They are beautiful and can be opened up during nice days so customers can enjoy the weather). And of course you want something that’s affordable. Since commercial doors tend to require unique shapes and dimensions, customization is often required, which can get pricey. You may also have certain security considerations or need a door that is fire proof to meet certain guidelines.