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Quick Tips For Garage Door Safety

In our experience, most pets and children are afraid of garage doors. They emit loud sounds from the motor and it can always be startling to be exposed to the weather outside. Because of how loud and large garage doors are, it’s no surprise that pets are terrified of them. However, we understand that having […]

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Safety for the Convenience of a Garage Space

Most garage owners love having the extra space attached to their home. You can easily store anything in your garage and still make room to park your vehicle inside. A garage also offers a safe space for your beloved car or drum set. The kids wants to start a band with their neighborhood friends? Go […]

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Help Prevent Garage Fires with These Safety Tips

While the leading cause of garage fires involves electrical malfunctions, certain other hazards lurk in the garage that can be just as dangerous. It’s important to take certain precautionary steps to ensure that your garage is as fire-proof as possible. Keep your home and family safe by sticking to the following guidelines: 1)Store fuel, chemicals, […]

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The Dangers of a Garage Door Off Track

Watch Out for a Stuck and Crooked Garage Door We only truly appreciate the importance of a garage door once it breaks down. Though they’re probably one of the most well-made parts of your home, a garage door is prone to occasional repairs. One of the most common issues you’ll likely come across as a […]

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Watch out for Fraudulent Garage Door Repair Companies

Learn How to Protect Yourself From Repair Fraud As reported a few years ago by Dallas News, garage repair fraud is a very real problem. In the report, an elderly couple hired a repairman for a simple job of programming his remote. This should have costed less than $100 but the customer was left with […]

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Have You Performed a Safety Inspection for Your Garage Door?

The Importance of Frequent Garage Door Inspections At EDH-Serrano, your safety is our first priority. With June being the official garage door safety month, we wanted to offer some tips on staying safe around your door. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to garage doors is their weight. While it […]

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A Name You Can Trust, The Best Garage Door Repair Company

One of the greatest accomplishments in life is becoming a homeowner. If you have the means to invest money, maybe you’ll purchase more than one home or property. Being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibility, whether you’re taking care of your own property or renting out to tenants. The garage is an additional bonus to a house. With multiple uses for the garage, maintenance is key. If you need a replacement or a garage door improvement, our company can help! We have years of experience in the Sacramento area repairing garage doors. No matter what the size, type or your location, contact us for any questions, today!