Top Door Gadgets to Purchase Right Now

For one day only, Amazon featured a sale on the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener which features WiFi connectivity, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, Voice Control and much more. Don’t worry, there are many other to choose from with their own sale dates. You may ask yourself, “so why do I need this type of gadget?” Making your garage door smart is the next step to having a safe and comfortable home environment.

New Smart Garage Controllers

Other brands include the ismartgate, Lift Master, Chamberlain and Insignia just to name a few. In addition to what we mentioned above, some of the top features for these gadgets are real-time video monitoring, opening and closing the garage door from anywhere at anytime, two-way audio technology to communicate with others and real time alerts straight to your phone.

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Different Types and Styles of Garage Doors

Okay, so you’ve binge watched HGTV shows all weekend long. Now, you’ve probably fallen in love with side hinged garage entry. Or maybe you want to switch off from the sectional garage door to a canopy style door. No matter what style or color, you deserve the garage model of your dreams. Some of the trends this year that will boost your home’s curb appeal include: decorative strap hinges or door pulls, incorporating vintage style with a modern energy saving appeal, and weather resistance material. The winter months in El Dorado Hills won’t bring snow, but we definitely need some water protection!