Quick Tips for Garage Door Safety

In our experience, most pets and children are afraid of the garage door. The loud sound coming from the motor to the sudden exposure to the weather outside. Having an indoor and outdoor cat is also a challenge. If you are new to owning a home with an attached garage, we’re happy to help. Make sure you always know where your pets are roaming before and after a garage door opening or closing. Make sure those sensors work! Same goes with children. Make sure you know their whereabouts. Are the kids able to access to garage door opener? When did you last get the door inspected? Call us today to help you with a garage door inspection.

Having a Pet Door: Pros and Cons

Others opt out for a pet door attached to the actual garage door. Although it might seem like a simple solution, some suggest not to do it. First con, you should always have your pets stay away from the garage door. Thus, giving them a safety door might make them too comfortable with the door moving. Some may be comfortable with the installation since the weather conditions outside might vary and your pet may need to run it quickly. These doors help accommodate your busy schedule and the pets necessity to urinate or play outdoors and safely come back inside to the garage are in case of an emergency.

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One of the greatest accomplishments in life is becoming a homeowner. If you have the means to invest money, maybe you’ll purchase more than one home or property. Being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibility, whether you’re taking care of your own property or renting out to tenants. The garage is an additional bonus to a house. With multiple uses for the garage, maintenance is key. If you need a replacement or a garage door improvement, our company can help! We have years of experience in the Sacramento area repairing garage doors. No matter what the size, type or your location, contact us for any questions, today!