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Important Things to Check to Diagnose Your Noisy Garage Door

Lubricate all moving parts: Look at the infrastructure of your garage door and identify the moving parts, like the rollers, trolley carriage, hinges and springs. Any time you have metal moving against metal, it needs to be lubricated every so often to lessen friction and slow the degradation of the metal. There’s nothing wrong with […]

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4 Tricks to Protect Your Garage & Save on Repair Costs

Broken garage doors are no fun. Sometimes the repair is easy and doesn’t cost much — you may even be able to do it yourself. Other times the issue is more expensive and you’ll need to hire a professional door repair service. Considering how many times you use a garage door — 3 times a […]

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The Solution to a Damaged Garage Door

If you own a garage door long enough, it will inevitably happen — a damaged door. It’s the law of Murphy’s garage doors. You can be careful and do all the preventative maintenance in the world, but something inevitably will go wrong — eventually. That’s just part of the deal of owning a home — […]

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The Dangers of a Garage Door Off Track

Watch Out for a Stuck and Crooked Garage Door We only truly appreciate the importance of a garage door once it breaks down. Though they’re probably one of the most well-made parts of your home, a garage door is prone to occasional repairs. One of the most common issues you’ll likely come across as a […]

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What to do When You Have Malfunctioning Garage Door Springs

If your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly, it could be a number of issues. Some are hard to diagnose yourself and others are not. If your door has trouble lifting, or is closing way too fast, it’s probably worn or broken springs on the garage door’s infrastructure. This is an issue you should fix quickly, because it makes the door a real safety hazard. But this is a repair you should never try yourself; there’s too much weight and tension to do a DIY repair without running the risk of serious injury. Call a local company to fix your garage door springs – there are professionals for dealing with things like this for a reason.