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Don’t Lubricate This Important Garage Door Part

Why Lubricating the Tracks on Your Garage Door Is a Bad Idea Consistent lubrication is one of the best ways to maintain your garage door. Best part about it: you can do it by yourself – no repair service needed. Your overhead door can last a lot longer if you spend time maintaining it and […]

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This Lubricant Should Never Be Used on Garage Doors

Don’t Use WD-40 on Your Garage Door! A quick tip for all garage owners around the world: don’t use WD-40 for garage door lubrication. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a lubricant. It’s actually a solvent. It will strip out every last bit of oil, leaving full on metal-to-metal contact. Initially, this might provide improved […]

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Garage Door Trolley Repair

The garage door carriage, also known as a trolley, is the device that travels on a rail between the motor and the face of the wall above the door opening. An operating arm connects the trolley to the garage door. It’s usually installed as part of the opener, but occasionally wears out before the opener and will need replaced. This is a fairly easy DIY garage door repair with the right household tools and ladder. Before starting, always release the door from the opener and disconnect any power supplies. You’ll lower and close the door by hand, positioning the door arm to pull the carriage to the far side of the garage door rail. You’ll disconnect the carriage from the opener by removing the cotter pin from the cotter bolt that attaches the upper end of the door arm to the carriage.