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Leaving Your Garage Door Open May Not Be a Good Idea

Overhead garage doors are under immense amounts of pressure. Thanks to quality engineering and a variety of intricate parts that work in tandem, garage doors can automatically be opened thanks to a push of a button. While this makes opening and closing doors easier, it doesn’t change the fact that overhead doors are extremely heavy […]

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Don’t Settle for DIY Garage Door Installation. Hire a Pro

Do-it-yourself projects can be a fun past time for any homeowner looking to save a few dollars. We’re repair-minded people ourselves, and we love putting together DIY projects any opportunity we get. But when it comes to installing overhead doors we have to draw the line. Door installation can be a dangerous task, involving a panel that weighs hundreds of pounds along with various metal parts that can easily result in cuts. Don’t risk injuring yourself or voiding your brand new doors warranty. Call the pro’s today. Our techs are certified and insured so you can have beautiful new doors AND peace of mind.