Leaving Your Garage Door Open May Not Be a Good Idea

Overhead garage doors are under immense amounts of pressure. Thanks to quality engineering and a variety of intricate parts that work in tandem, garage doors can automatically be opened thanks to a push of a button. While this makes opening and closing doors easier, it doesn’t change the fact that overhead doors are extremely heavy and can be dangerous. It’s not just the act of leaving the garage unattended that’s worrisome. Homeowners also have to keep in mind that a door needs reinforcement if it’s expected to be open for a prolonged amount of time. 

One thing we notice while driving through neighborhoods for service calls is how many garages are left wide open – with no one in sight. Even late at night, vacant garages are a plenty. Just as you wouldn’t want to leave your front door open all day, you shouldn’t leave the garage open either!

An Open Overhead Garage Door Is a Security Risk

If you leave your garage door open, be aware that thefts should be an expected possibility. Anyone from a nosy neighbor to nefarious thief could stumble into your garage and take your pricey belongings or worse, enter your home, disturbing your family. But don’t take our word for it: theft via open garages is a real risk. Police have also been warning residents to keep their garages closed when not in use. Don’t take chances by leaving your garage door open while it’s not occupied. For enhanced protection for you and your family, consider installing a security door between your garage and your home. A security or safety door can prevent even the most experienced thieves from entering your home after they’ve made their way into your garage. One of the best safety tips is to stand by the door until it completely closes, especially late at night when someone could be watching for a window to enter. 

Keeping Your Overhead Garage Door Open Is a Safety Risk

As stable as garage doors appear to be, there’s an extremely strong chance that your door doesn’t have the reinforcement necessary to be open for a lengthy amount of time. You might spend considerable time in your garage tinkering away on projects, which means it’s possible you’re keeping your door open to let fresh air in. While you might think it’s alright to leave your overhead garage door open as long as you’re in the room, think again.

Stress-Free & Safe Ways to Keep Your Door Open

To ensure your garage door’s springs don’t snap and that it doesn’t come crashing down, you should install garage door reinforcement struts. These helpful garage door parts will allow your door to stay open far longer without causing significant wear or tear, as well as damage that could lead to a costly replacement. If you have an average sized double garage door, it’s recommended that at least three struts are installed, though it’s best to consult with a garage door installation company depending on your door. Remember: the best garage door repair and installation only comes from licensed professionals who have years of experience. 

While keeping your door open for a long period of time is never recommended, it can be a must for some homeowners. Always stay inside your garage while it’s open and don’t hesitate to close it even for a few moments if you’re stepping away. To increase security, consider installing cameras near your overhead garage door so you can always keep an eye out for intruders. 

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