Don’t Have Enough Headroom to Install an Automatic Garage Door Opener? 3 Quick Fixes

Don’t Have Enough Headroom to Install an Automatic Garage Door OpenerInstalling a garage door opener in a non-traditional space? Keep in mind that not all garages provide adequate headroom for a garage door opener, especially older garage doors that might have been installed before garage door openers were more standard. But don’t give up hope. You can still install a garage door opener in nearly any space, no matter the headroom, as long as you are creative about the installation. Here are a few alternative approaches to garage door opener installation that accommodate limited overhead space for an opener.

How Much Room Do You Need?

Most standard automatic openers require at least 15 inches of overhead clearance. This includes about 12 inches for the door and torsion springs and three inches for the garage door opener.

What if you don’t have that much space? Don’t worry. You won’t have to rely on a teenager to open your garage door for the rest of your life. There are several tricks your installer can try to accommodate an opener in a tight space.

3 Solutions for Much Overhead Clearance

You could consider a frame down opening door. These are free and available at 3-inch increments so it’s easy lower or raise your garage door opening to meet the needed height.

Another option is a low headroom track. These are designed for your exact situation in mind. This allows an opener to be installed in as little as 9 inches of space. Pretty cool, huh?

If you still don’t have room for the opener or there’s a beam in the way of where an opener would normally go, jackshaft garage door openers are another option. These work just as well as the traditional opener, but open from the side of the garage rather than the top. Though it will limit some of your storage options on that side of the wall, the ceiling will have a much cleaner look.

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