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Garage Door Parts 101: What They Are, How They Work

Whether you’re repairing a garage door or thinking about installing a new one, there are lots of parts for the door you’ll encounter. To be honest, garage door professionals deal with these parts so often that we kind of take them for granted. You’ll have to forgive us if we forget to explain. The vertical track is located on both sides of the door on the inside. It’s provide a path for your door to move as it opens. The rollers insert into the vertical track and attach to your garage door. The torsion spring is located above your garage door on the inside and provides the power to lift the door along the track. Hinges are located between the sections and allow your door to bend. The rubber bottom seal, also called an astragal, is located at the bottom of the door and protects against the weather. It also keeps pests, leaves, and other debris out of your garage.