How Are You Spending Your Tax Return? New Garage Doors Have 120% ROI Value

How Are You Spending Your Tax Return New Garage Doors Have 120_ ROI ValueMost people receive a pretty substantial refund on their tax returns. It’s tempting to spend this money on new electronics or a family vacation, and we’re not saying you don’t deserve to. But consider spending the money on something that’s actually an investment on your home, a home improvement that has great value but isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

A new garage door gives back a pretty impressive return on investment, especially in El Dorado Hills. In fact, a new garage door has a 98 percent return, though in California and El Dorado Hills, it has a 120 percent return, according to CNBC. That’s right. Spend your tax return on a new garage door and your home will actually be worth more than what you actually spend to do it.

Factors to Consider

Naturally, to get more on an investment in a new garage door, you need to get a model that’s actually an improvement on what you already have. And the investment can vary. But to make the most of your investment, consider installing a new door of quality material like wood or aluminum. You might also think about getting an insulated door with a higher R-Value. This can mean big savings on your energy bill if your garage is attached to the house.

How Long Have You Had Your Current Door?

A lot of what goes into this decision is how long you’ve had the current door. If you just replaced the door in the last few years, the ROI probably isn’t that high. If your door is more than 10 to 20 years old, however, that ROI is practically a California gold mine. There have been many improvements in safety and security in garage doors over the last decade. Having the latest model can significantly increase the resale value of your home.

Call Us Anytime. We Specialize in New Garage Door Installations in El Dorado Hills.

Even if you are just considering a new garage door, give us a call to discuss the possibilities. We’re happy to chat and there’s no pressure. We don’t want you rushing into anything. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to invest this year’s tax return on something that will actually increase your family’s net worth? Think about it.

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Installing a New Garage Door Trolley

The trolley on your garage door, also known as the carriage, is the rail between the motor and the face of the wall, the metal bar that contains the components your door to the automatic opener. It’s usually installed at the same time as the opener. For older openers, the trolley can get worn out and occasionally needs replacement. You could call a professional service, or DIY the job with a few online instruction videos and some good knowledge with a tool belt. Always work with a step ladder. You may want a second pair of hands to hold the ladder in place. Also, make sure to completely disconnect the power before beginning any work. Remember, safety first!