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Garage Doors Aren’t as Simple as They Used to Be

If you live in or have ever seen a garage on an historic home, you know that back in the day there was one choice for garage doors: wood. Not so anymore; now you can choose from aluminum, steel, vinyl, wood or composite wood. But what are the differences and why do we need so […]

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New Garage Door? 3 Installation Upgrades to Consider

Want to improve the performance of your garage door? If you are considering installing a new garage door, it may be worth upgrading and improving your game. Here are our top 3 upgrades for improved garage doors. Heavy Insulation You live in El Dorado Hills, California and don’t need insulation? Yeah right. The truth is […]

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Installing a New Garage Door? Here’s What It Costs

Most homeowners only replace 1 or 2 garage doors in their lifetime. But own a home long enough, and you’ll find it’s time. The door may work slower than it used to. Perhaps it makes an ungodly racket every time you open it. Maybe your garage door is a complete eyesore or it’s falling apart. […]

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Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

A garage door is an investment in the value of your home. It has nearly a dollar for dollar return. Some realtors estimate the ROI on new garage door installation is 97% on average, probably even more in a competitive realty market like El Dorado Hills, California. So as you approach the question of whether […]

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New Technology Improvements in Modern Garage Doors

These days, the technology for garage doors has evolved and improved. There are so many new features and advantages. So if you’re considering installing a new garage door, keep in mind a lot more is possible than just 10 or 15 years ago. This isn’t your grandpa’s garage door. These garage door features are the […]

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Why 2 Garages is a Genius Home Improvement Idea

Sure, your wife thinks you’re crazy, but you might be onto something, especially when you cut her in on the deal. Two garages are actually better than one. Not only that, but it’s an absolute genius of an idea. You’ll both wonder why you never did it sooner. With one garage, the space is typically […]

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Live in the El Dorado Hills Area? Get Your New Overhead Door Locally

When you’re installing, repairing or replacing an overhead garage door at your home, chances are you’ve researched several contractors and are trying to make the decision that will get you quality service at the lowest price. But when it comes to large home investments like garage doors, quality needs to take precedence over cost. Whoever you hire, you’re probably going to need their help again down the road, so choosing a local, reputable company is definitely the way to go. They know the area, the needs of the community, and since they’re local you know they have loyalty and integrity to have stayed successful in the area. It’s definitely your best bet and your safest choice.