How to Tell If It’s Time For Garage Spring Repair

The best way to prevent a broken spring is by performing a few garage door tune-ups every year. By keeping your spring lubricated, you can avoid rust and damage before it begins. If your torsion or extension spring is already rusted, it may be salvageable.

First, estimate the lifespan of your spring. Most springs are rated for 10,000 cycles, which is one open and close. Check your spring manufacturer for yours. Based off of this, you can make a rough guess on if your spring is nearing the end of its life. If so, we recommend replacing it. It’s not worth the hassle of trying to fix, and a broken spring could cause the garage door to come crashing down.

If your spring isn’t severely rusted or too old, then a little maintenance should do the trick. Use a solvent and carefully wipe down the spring, making sure you don’t stick your fingers in it. Once clean, apply a light layer of lubricating silicone or white lithium grease and you’re good to go.

Never Repair Your Garage Door Springs Yourself

While we encourage you to do routine spring inspection to spot any issues before they become real problems, under no circumstances should you attempt garage door spring replacement yourself. These springs are under incredible tension. If they should suddenly snap, they can cause serious bodily injury — even death. This is a repair you should always save for a professional. They have the tools and expertise to perform the job safely and correctly. The risk just isn’t worth it.

If you notice anything amiss in your inspection, we strongly encourage you to call us so we can come out and do a more thorough professional inspection. If a garage door spring needs replaced, we’ll be happy to do so, that very day. And yes, we do make emergency house calls. 24/7 emergency garage door repair is a service we offer for your safety and convenience.

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Garage Door Opener Not Compliant? We’ll Fix It

On your way out to work in the morning, you hit the garage remote and nothing. With a sigh, you’re left to manually open the door. We’ve all been there. But, you paid for the ease and convenience of an automatic garage door and you deserve it. If you’ve been stuck laboring your door open and closed every time you want to leave, then you need a technician to get it operating again. Give us a call, we’re 24/7 and we’ll work around your busy schedule to get your door back running like it used to. We provide a 100% guarantee on our service and our cordial technicians will be out there in an instant.