Reinforcing Garage Doors in Preparation for a Hurricane

Is Your Garage Ready for Hurricane Season?

Do you know what your garage door wind rating is? Most people would say no! You may want to find out, as many counties do require a minimum rating to be compliant with building codes. As recently reported by WFTV 9, older and weaker garage doors are vulnerable to strong winds, such as those in a storm or hurricane.

Many people fail to realize how important sturdy garage doors actually are. When your door is blown away by the wind, it creates a sudden air pressure change in your garage. This pressure change has the potential to tear off your roof, blow out windows, and just deal catastrophic damage to your home.

To stay prepared, check with your door manufacturer and ask for its wind rating and impact resistance. Those in hurricane prone areas should invest in sturdy doors and additional bracing.

You can also purchase DIY wind bracing kits at hardware stores. However, these may not be adequate in particularly windy zones. When in doubt, call a professional to inspect.

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Professional Garage Door Opener Repair in El Dorado Hills

When a garage door won’t open with a remote, one of the first things to determine is if the issue is with the opener or garage door itself. Before you begin, always check a spare remote or try replacing your batteries to rule out a remote problem. If you can hear the opener trying to operate, the issue may be with the door instead. A broken spring, blockage, or door off track can all prevent automatic opener operation. Another possibility is a failed drive gear in the opener. Unfortunately, the exact problem isn’t always so clear. If you’re looking for some assistance, give us a call and explain the issue. We’d be happy to offer our expert opinion along with a free estimate on repairs.