Geofencing & the Smart Garage Door Revolution

What is Geofencing? It’s the latest tech advancement for smart garage door installations. Geofencing creates a virtual geographic boundary defined by GPS or RFID technology. It then performs a set of actions, issues alerts, or helps you manage smart routines.

Many people who have smart garage door openers installed are using geofencing to automatically open their garage doors as they come home.

Don’t worry — only administrators have control over geofencing coordinates and actions. Often the application needs to be open and set on your phone. But you can establish that before you start your after work commute. Then you don’t have to fumble with your smartphone when you pull in the driveway after a hard day’s work.

Getting Started with Geofencing

Geofencing is a feature in most smart garage door openers. Sometimes, it is voice controlled. Once it’s installed on your smart garage door opener, download the app onto your phone and connect the two. It’s fairly user friendly. The app walks you through each step. First, you’ll login and create an account.

You can also connect additional devices, program your perimeter’s coordinates. It’s a good idea to set notifications so you don’t get hammered with every notification and you only notice the important ones. You can also use geofencing to monitor and control your garage door, including setting automatic closures. You’ll never leave the garage door open again!

“If This, Then That:” How Geofencing Will Change Your Life

Geofencing establishes a If This, Then That (IFTTT) protocol. This connects your garage door opener to other smart devices in your home. That way when you come home, your AC goes to a desired temperature. Perhaps you program your favorite song to welcome you on the stereo. House lights can be turned on. Maybe you turn on the crockpot to start dinner.

How cool is that? Geofencing will change your life. If you have a smart garage door, install it today. And if you don’t already have a smart garage door opener installed, what are you waiting for? The 21st century is calling your name.

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