Coming Soon: Tesla’s Console Will Open Smart Garage Doors

Coming to a Tesla near you — the ability to open your smart garage door, right from the vehicle’s control panel.

If you’ve had a smart garage door opener installed, you’ve already said goodbye to your automatic garage door opener. And with this latest feature expected soon from Tesla, you won’t even have to fumble with a smartphone as you pull in the driveway to open the garage door.

Automatic garage door opening currently available through Homelink, but not everyone has a smart garage door opener installed that’s compatible with Homelink. Many instead use an internet connection through WiFi to operate.

Twitter Inspired Innovation

Ryan Knapp, a Twitter follower of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, asked the CEO in a Tweet if the company could add an icon for a WiFi garage door opening feature to Tesla’s infotainment system.

“Elon, any way we could get a WiFi garage door opening icon. For users that do not have Homelink and do have a WiFi enabled garage door, this would be a very useful feature,” Knapp asked Musk.

Musk announced the feature is coming soon.

Look, Mom! No Cell Phone!

The feature would come in handy if you come home and your phone is out of batteries with no charging available in the vehicle. It also allows drivers to access their garage doors from their cars without a smart garage door opener that’s compatible with Homelink.

It’s all part of Tesla’s embrace of the “smart home,” which includes smart garage doors.

Teslarati reports:

“Elon Musk’s idea of a ‘smart home’ development was reiterated in late March, as the CEO stated he would love to develop a home HVAC system that uses HEPA filters for clean air and quiet and efficient technologies to reduce energy usage. The development of the WiFi-based garage door opener could add to the Smart Home idea, as it would allow more owners of the company’s vehicles to enter automatic garages without having to change to systems that are compatible with Homelink.”

A Smarter World

That’s good news for us. If you are thinking about installing a smart garage door opener and own a Tesla, now Homelink compatibility is no longer a requirement. You’ll conveniently be able to open your garage door from the console, no fumbling around with your smartphone required.

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