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Geofencing & the Smart Garage Door Revolution

What is Geofencing? It’s the latest tech advancement for smart garage door installations. Geofencing creates a virtual geographic boundary defined by GPS or RFID technology. It then performs a set of actions, issues alerts, or helps you manage smart routines. Many people who have smart garage door openers installed are using geofencing to automatically open […]

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Choose the right commercial door to give your business maximum curb appeal

Choosing the right commercial door is an important decision that El Dorado Hills Garage Door Repair is happy to assist you with. You want your business to make the best first impression and to be inviting as customers approach or simply drive by. Your commercial garage door, which can be roll-up, rolling steel, fiberglass, or wood, probably makes up a large part of your storefront. Imagine how nice a brand new door installation will appear in your business’ photo featured on social media or Yelp.