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Garage Door Insulation: Polyurethane or Polystyrene?

Choosing the Best Insulating Material for Your Garage High temperature is no stranger to the residents of El Dorado Hills. Sunshine and warmth are nice but when it comes to garages, it can be uncomfortable. If you’re not ready to spend money on new garage doors, then a DIY insulation kit might just be the […]

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Don’t Lubricate This Important Garage Door Part

Why Lubricating the Tracks on Your Garage Door Is a Bad Idea While keeping the parts on your garage door well lubricated is a good idea, there are certain areas you shouldn’t lubricate. One location that should not be lubricated are the tracks. Lubricant in this spot can quickly send a garage door off track. […]

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What’s the Difference Between Torsion and Extension Springs?

Garage Torsion vs. Extension Springs The majority of garage doors use a counterbalance system with a spring. Without a spring, your door would be incredibly heavy and difficult to operate. The two types of springs used are torsion and extension. Extension springs are the oldest design and typically 2 of them are required to the […]

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This Lubricant Should Never Be Used on Garage Doors

Don’t Use WD-40 on Your Garage Door! A quick tip for all garage owners around the world: don’t use WD-40 for garage door lubrication. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a lubricant. It’s actually a solvent. It will strip out every last bit of oil, leaving full on metal-to-metal contact. Initially, this might provide improved […]

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Leaving Your Garage Door Open May Not Be a Good Idea

Open Garages Lead to Increased Theft One thing we notice while driving through neighborhoods for service calls is how many garages are left wide open – with no one in sight. Even late at night, vacant garages are a plenty. Just as you wouldn’t want to leave your front door open all day, you shouldn’t […]

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Reinforcing Garage Doors in Preparation for a Hurricane

Is Your Garage Ready for Hurricane Season? Do you know what your garage door wind rating is? Most people would say no! You may want to find out, as many counties do require a minimum rating to be compliant with building codes. As recently reported by WFTV 9, older and weaker garage doors are vulnerable […]

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Have You Performed a Safety Inspection for Your Garage Door?

The Importance of Frequent Garage Door Inspections At EDH-Serrano, your safety is our first priority. With June being the official garage door safety month, we wanted to offer some tips on staying safe around your door. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to garage doors is their weight. While it […]

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How to Tell If It’s Time For Garage Spring Repair

The best way to prevent a broken spring is by performing a few garage door tune-ups every year. By keeping your spring lubricated, you can avoid rust and damage before it begins. If your torsion or extension spring is already rusted, it may be salvageable. First, estimate the lifespan of your spring. Most springs are […]

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How To Convert Your Garage Into a New Room

Most people think that the garage is for storing your car and other household belongings, but did you know that it could also double as a brand new room? Take a look at these 10 sweet garage transformations that show what a little creativity can do. First, you’ll need to find out if a building […]

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Garage Door Off Track? Stop Using It Immediately!

Your garage door rollers are what cause your garage door to go up and down the track smoothly. If they come off the track of your garage door, you should stop operating the door immediately. It may be tempting to continue to use the door but you can cause serious damage to the door and the track. If repaired before the track becomes too bent, it’s not an expensive and can even be done yourself with a few simple tools. Continue to use it, however, and your entire door could become severely damaged and the track warped. You’ll need a new track and maybe a new door. What could be a simple repair suddenly becomes a several hundred dollar job. Give us a call. We do emergency calls for the El Dorado Hills area.