Garage Door Windows: Unique Placement, Advantages, and Security Issues to Consider

In most garage doors, the windows are along the top row of the garage door or right below. That’s standard operation procedure, but it’s not like it’s the law. After all, you’re in El Dorado Hills, California. We like to live on the edge. Who said you can’t have garage door windows wherever you like? Make your own style. It can significantly increase the natural light in your garage.

Some garages are designed to allow for unique window placement. If you are considering installing a new garage door, it’s worth looking into.

The Standard+ Garage Door — A Door that Accommodates a Variety of Window Positions

Your Standard+ garage door features a variety of designs. It’s manufactured from galvanized steel usually about 1 inch to 2 inches thick. Most feature polyurethane foam insulation, which makes the door highly resistant to flexion. It’s extremely energy efficient yet strong and durable. And the beauty of this type of door is you can place the windows wherever you like.

Advantages of Many Windows

Windows can add nice variations to what would otherwise be a standard door. This can make your home unique and noticeable. Windows also allow for beautiful natural light, which can make the inside of your garage more airy and livable. If you plan to use the inside of your garage for an office, gym, yoga studio, or meditation sanctuary, windows can be essential to internal lighting.

Security & Privacy Issues

Naturally, whenever you have windows, there are security and privacy issues to consider. Windows can allow thieves to view the contents of your garage while you aren’t home. This helps them figure out if the home is unoccupied for the day. It also lets them take inventory to decide if a break in is worth the effort.

Of course, you don’t want the neighborhood peering in your windows and seeing the inner workings of your life. This is especially true if you use your garage as a living space such as a rec room or exercise area.

That’s why we recommend opaque windows or windows that have thick glass you can’t see through. This also helps prevent break ins. These windows still allow plenty of natural light without letting people see in from outside.

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