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3 Reasons Smart Garage Doors are Genius

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the family garage door opener was a teenage kid that ran through the rain to open the door for his parents. When the automatic garage door was first introduced, it was a dream come true. Now we have smart garage door openers and the future […]

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The Surprisingly High ROI for Garage Door Replacement

Has it come time to replace your garage door? If you’re feeling a little bitter over having to sink a thousand dollars plus into a new garage door, here’s a little Chicken Soup for the Soul to help you feel a little better: you’ll have better return for your investment, dollar for dollar, than you’ll get for pretty much any home improvement project. That’s especially true if you choose a quality material like wood, composite wood, or aluminum. In fact, a recent study pegged getting a new garage door at over 90%. So what you put into your door you pretty much get back in improve property values. Could you same the thing about that Caribbean vacation? We didn’t think so.