3 Reasons Smart Garage Doors are Genius

3 Reasons Smart Garage Doors are GeniusA long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the family garage door opener was a teenage kid that ran through the rain to open the door for his parents. When the automatic garage door was first introduced, it was a dream come true. Now we have smart garage door openers and the future has never looked so bright.

What can a smart garage door opener do for you? Plenty! Here are 3 reasons installing a smart garage door just might be the smartest home improvement idea ever.

1. You can open your door from anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages to a smart garage door opener is the ability to open it from anywhere. Think about all the times this could come in handy. Say you’re at work and you realize you forgot to close your garage door. You can view it remotely from your phone to see if it’s open and then close it. How about if you are expecting an important package delivery? Include instructions in your order to call you. Then you can remotely open the garage door so the delivery person can slip it inside. If you have out-of-town guests arrive when you are still at work, you can allow them inside, right from your phone.

2. A smart garage door increases security.

A smart garage door can alert you to suspicious activity. You can view your door from your phone and then lock it and alert authorities. Smart tech is great for protecting your home from burglars.

3. You just have less to worry about.

With a smart garage door opener, you no longer have to worry about losing your remote. It’s right there on your phone, safe and secure behind your passcode. You can call your phone or use GPS location if you should misplace it. You can even set your garage door to automatically close if you accidentally leave it open. How cool is that?

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