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Check out This Sweet Garage Door Art!

Cool Ideas for Painting Your Garage in 2016 Art can be a fun and affordable way to spice up a boring garage door. Check out these amazing and sometimes scary designs that will truly make your door stand out! You can do this at home with some quick and easy ideas here! A Whimsical Mural Can Be […]

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Call Us for Garage Torsion Spring Problems in the El Dorado Hills

If you’re having a problem with your garage door, it may have something to do with the torsion springs. These are the springs attached just above where the garage door closes. If they break, they can cause serious injury, which is why repairing them is always best left to a professional. Don’t even attempt to fiddle with them, even if they seem like they are in good condition. You should inspect them visually from time to time. If you notice any rust, wear or damage, contact us immediately for a full inspection. We do garage door repair for the El Dorado Hills area.