Installing a New Garage Door on a Basement Storage Area

Installing a New Garage Door on a Basement Storage AreaIt always seems like there’s never enough storage space. If you’re lucky enough to own a garage, you probably use it to park your vehicles. But where are you going to put your lawn mower, garden equipment, that brand-new set of golf clubs? No, you don’t need to rent a storage unit. And you don’t need to store everything in a basement and lug those precious clubs up and down the staircase every time you hit the country club.

If you’ve got a basement area, why not turn it into an alternate garage complete with a newly installed garage door? Sure, it’s going to take some work, but the added living convenience is well worth it. And that’s to say nothing about the reappraisal value it can add to the value of your home. It’s a garage fix-it DIY renovation project that practically pays for itself.

Research Building Codes and Local Contractor Options

You’ll have to first check the local building codes and probably hire a professional contractor, unless your name happens to be Bob Vila. You should also look into your wall insulation, plumbing and electrical and see what challenges that presents.

What Size Door Do You Want?

But when it comes to garage door installation, you really aren’t limited by dimensions. You could get one as small as 4 x 6, just enough to fit a lawn mower, snowmobile or mountain bike easily. It just depends on what you intend to use the extra garage for and the space constraints of the area you’re looking to convert. If your ambitious and have enough space, you might even be able to fit a recreational vehicle or even a car.

Privacy Issues

It’s your living space, and pants can be such a drag. We’d recommend using tinted, satin or clouded windows for privacy. This way you get plenty natural light without mooning the neighbors, a win-win for everyone involved.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement: Why You Should Call a Professional

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