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Installing a New Garage Door on a Basement Storage Area

It always seems like there’s never enough storage space. If you’re lucky enough to own a garage, you probably use it to park your vehicles. But where are you going to put your lawn mower, garden equipment, that brand-new set of golf clubs? No, you don’t need to rent a storage unit. And you don’t […]

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Garage Door Spring Replacement: Why You Should Call a Professional

Do your garage door springs need replaced? Try releasing the automatic opener (only do so when the garage door is closed and safely on the ground). If you raise the door manually, does it stay up or fall down under its own weight? If so, you need new springs. You may also need new springs or have the springs balanced if the door leans from side to side when manually raised. Either way, do not attempt to repair the garage door springs yourself. These springs are under incredible tension. If they should suddenly snap, they could cause serious bodily injury. It’s just not risk a trip to the emergency room! A professional garage door repair service has the tools and the expertise to do the job safely and effectively.