The Pros and Cons to Raising the Roof for a Taller Garage

The Pros and Cons to Raising the Roof for a Taller GarageWant a taller garage? It’s possible and definitely has its advantages in terms of extra overhead storage or being able to store larger vehicles such as boats or semi-cabs if you’re a trucker. You could raise the roof, theoretically anyway. Is it worth the hassle and expense? We’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to raising your garage roof. Tread carefully. This isn’t a job you can start over easily. Once you’ve begun, you’re committed, for better or worse.

Approaches to Raising the Roof

You could brace the inside of your garage and use hydraulic lifts to raise the roof. Be careful. Additional support may be needed if the roof is not very stable.

You might also try raising the actual garage itself, but this obviously has structural challenges. Consult a contractor for an estimate.

A final option is to start fresh with a brand-new roof. This sounds expensive, but actually may be the simplest approach. It’s easier to add to the walls and rebuild the top than to try lifting a heavy roof or the entire garage off the ground.

Are You Sure You Want to Do This?

We probably don’t need to tell you this is a massive job. And it’s going to be expensive, whether you hire a contractor or are a professional carpenter and can DIY the whole job. Are the benefits worth it?

Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Call a couple contractors and get some quotes. Sure, they might laugh in your face, but at least you’ll know the possibilities based on solid numbers.

Benefits to a Taller Garage

Yes, size does matter, at least when it comes to the height of your garage. You could use the extra space for storage or store larger vehicles. With overhead rafters, you could solve all your storage needs and still park your vehicles inside.

Scan Pinterest for inspiration on ideas of how to use the extra space. Whether you decide to go through with it or not, this can be a lot of fun. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find other ideas to improve your storage space that don’t cost thousands of dollars.

Have You Considered New Garage Door Installation?

If space is the issue, you might be able to achieve more by installing a new garage door. We might be able to retrofit a larger door opening on the size of garage you already own. That way you’ll be able to store the boat or a larger SUV. Give us a call to see what the possibilities are. We offer complete garage door service to the El Dorado Hills area.

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What Are Garage Torsion Springs?

The torsion springs of your garage door are made of extremely dense material. They can tighten and store a tremendous amount of mechanical energy in their twisted coils. Normally, these springs are mounted horizontally above the opening of your garage door. As you pull the door down, the cables attached to the bottom corners wind the springs up. The next time you open the door, the springs unwind this stored energy to raise that two hundred pound door as if it was as light as a feather. Most torsion springs will last about 5 to 7 years and last around 10,000 cycles. You should always use a professional repairman to replace them. Because of the extreme tension these springs are under, they can be extremely dangerous.