Garage Door Installation: Is Your Old Door Dangerous?

Garage Door Installation Is Your Old Door Dangerous

We like to get our money’s worth out of things, especially these days. Value is important. And we tend to push the limits — wearing a pair of shoes or jeans right up to the breaking point. Garage doors should be an exception to the rule, however. Put off replacing your old door too long and it can become incredibly dangerous and can cost you more in the long run. Think about installing a new garage door before it’s too late.

Why a Garage Door Can Be a Serious Safety Issue

A garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part of your home. If you raise and lower it even just 2 to 3 times per day, that’s literally a thousand times a year. Your door requires very precise balance and well working components in order to function properly and safely. The more you use it, the less efficient it gets at doing its job. While it will still serve its purpose, it will get slower at doing it, resulting in frustration and door parts that barely get the job done. 

The Danger of Your Garage Door Springs

If you’ve got an older door that hasn’t had much maintenance, your springs could very well be a hazard. Garage door springs work on a counterweight system and require regular adjustment to be able to work effectively and safely. They have a lifespan of about 7 years. When’s the last time you had them replaced, repaired or even inspected? If you’re looking to upgrade your garage door springs, it’s recommended that you switch over to torsion springs. They’ll last far longer and can carry more weight, meaning they’ll break down far slower than extension springs.

If you disengage your automatic opener, you should be able to lift up the door with one hand. If not, call a professional to have it inspected. The springs may need some adjustment. Don’t attempt the repair yourself. These springs are under considerable tension and may be a safety hazard. Let a professional tend to you garage door spring repair and remain worry free.  

How are Your Rollers?

Rollers should roll smoothly, not slide along. If your rollers have rounded edges or are coming off the shaft, they need to be replaced. Replacing garage door rollers can be dangerous if you don’t have experience in this realm. Loosening bolts which hold the bottom of the garage door could lead to the entire fixture falling. Feel free to find replacement rollers at hardware stores but let a garage door repair company step in to take care of the upgrade. 

How Old Is Your Garage Door Opener?

Is your garage door opener more than 20 years old? If so, you might consider installing a new opener. Modern openers are equipped with automatic reversal systems, which will stop the door from moving if a pet or child runs underneath, or there’s something in the way. New overhead door openers also boast great quality of life features remote access, which allow you to open and close your door from anywhere in the world. Perfect for letting delivery drivers securely tuck away your package or to let the kids home from school.

Looks Matter

Besides safety, visual aesthetics should also be a consideration when considering garage door replacement. Installing a new garage door has one of the best returns on investment when it comes to home improvement. It can improve its real sale value as well as its equity.

Garage Doors Have Come a Long Way, Baby!

Garage door technology has gotten pretty advanced over the last 15 years or so. Insulated doors can limit heating and cooling bills and provide a comfortable environment to relax in. There are also numerous garage door security devices that can improve the safety of your home. 

Installing A New Garage Door Can Be Easy

If your garage door hasn’t been replaced in the last 20 or so years, it’s time for a change. Upgrade your house’s look and security by replacing your overhead door today. Spend time and research different garage door styles and models that suit your home’s needs. Afterwards, consult a certified and insured garage door installation company. A reputable installation company will be able to replace your garage door with relative ease and in case anything goes wrong, you’ll be reimbursed or compensated for any damages. 

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What to Do if Your Garage Door’s Off Track

When a garage door comes off its track, it can be a simple fix, a complete disaster or somewhere in between. Perhaps a single roller came loose and can be easily reapplied. On the other hand, all 200 plus pounds of your garage door could come crashing down at once. Whether minor or traumatic, the important thing is to stop using the door immediately. (Yes, even if your car is inside the garage and you need to get to work.) Even if it’s just a single wheel, this simple fix could break down into a several hundred dollar calamity if you keep using the door. Your garage door panels could break or dent. Your track could be ripped to shreds. It’s also extremely hazardous. If the problem seems simple, you could try fixing it yourself. The general rule of thumb is if you ever feel in over your head, call the pros. It’s better to be safe than sorry.