Considering a New Garage Door? What You Need to Know About Material

Considering a New Garage Door What You Need to Know About MaterialPeople don’t talk about it out loud, but neighbors pay attention. And when it comes to curb appeal, the single biggest factor that can affect the value of your home is the quality of your garage door. Your neighbors notice — not just because they’re noisy, but because the quality of your door affects not only the value of your own home but the entire neighborhood as well. That’s why paying attention to quality and garage door material is so important when considering a new garage door. You are part of the community. Showcase your very best.

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, it is important that any new garage door installation match the style and decor of the home. That means if you have a rustic looking house, you need a new garage door that has the same rustic look. Fortunately, there are plenty of options these days to creating a rustic look even if your door is brand-new.

The Natural Beauty of Wood

Wood is the obvious choice when you want to create an older more natural feel to match the rest of your home. There really is no substitute for its beauty. Most wooden garage door installations are custom-made to match the rest of your home. Wood is easy and inexpensive to fix if the door is damaged. Pieces can simply be swapped out and remade without having to do an entirely new door.

The catch with wood is it does require more regular maintenance. The wood will need to be retreated, sanded and painted from time to time. Still, many homeowners consider the maintenance totally worth the beauty of a wooden door.

Types of Wooden Garage Door Installations

Plywood is the most inexpensive option when it comes to wooden garage doors. It doesn’t have the same panache, protection or longevity, but you can cover it with a thin layer of a more expensive wood for aesthetic purposes. Insulation is still an option if you include an insulated layer between the two portions for increased R-Value and strength.

Cedar is a beautiful option that is also naturally resistant to rot, insects and weather moisture issues. The catch is it needs to be treated every two years to maintain its strength and durability.

Redwood is a beautiful wood that’s also exceptional strong, but you naturally pay for that with increased cost.

Mahogany offers the best strength and is also known for its dramatic beauty. It’s a heavy hardwood, so it is one of the most expensive doors on the market. You can cut the cost by getting a composite door that has mahogany on the outside and Douglas-fir panels inserted in between.

Non Wooden Garage Door Installation Options

Aluminum, steel or vinyl garage doors are the most common alternatives to a wooden garage door. They are inexpensive but second to none when it comes to durability and strength. Steel offer is one of the cheapest options and can be manufactured to imitate the appearance of wood. Fiberglass are lighter doors but tend to have durability problems. Aluminum has the advantage of being both lightweight and durable, but it does tend to dent easily.

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Troubleshooting Garage Door Opener Repair

If your garage door doesn’t open, there are several troubleshooting tricks you can try to see if the opener needs repair. First, start with the obvious. Try replacing the battery in your remote control. You’d be surprised how many emergency house calls we’ve made over dead batteries! That’s usually the first thing our technicians try. Next, make sure the opener is connected to the power outlet. Check the fuse box to see if any have flipped off. Does your opener have a burning smell? It could be a problem with the cables. When the cables don’t work, the door becomes too heavy, burning out the engine. Contact a professional garage door repair company immediately.