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Garage Door Service: Is Your Door Unbalanced?

How balanced is your garage door? It’s a 200 pound object your 10 year old can lift with ease. Such a heavy contraption is able to raise and lower so easily because of the springs that lift it up and down. But when these springs come unbalanced, you can have serious trouble because the weight distribution isn’t even. In fact, if left unnoticed, a poorly balanced garage door can actually burn out the motor in your garage door opener. The strain can wreck gears and wear out your rollers as well. If you suspect your door is out of balance, release it from the opener. Next, open the door half-way and see if one side hangs lower than the other. If so, you’ve got an unbalanced door and most likely bad springs. Don’t try to fix them yourself! Call a professional who specializes in servicing garage doors. It’s the safest approach.