A Troubleshooting Guide to Garage Door Opener Repair

Want to keep your garage door opening smoothly and safely? Maintain a well working garage door opener. That’s the machine that does all the work after all. And considering most of us use our garage doors 2 to 3 times per day, that adds up to a thousand times per year. That’s a lot of work for one garage door opener. Here’s how to keep it running smoothly, and how to know when it’s time to replace it with a new garage door opener.

Checking Your Garage Door Opener

If you suspect your garage door opener is having a problem, you’ll need to first test the door to see if the repair problem actually has to do with the garage door itself. To do this, detach your garage door opener by pulling on the cord hanging above the track which runs your garage door trolley. This will release the garage door opener. Open the door manually so the door is half way open. If it holds steadily in position, your door is likely fine and it’s the garage door opener that’s experiencing repair problems.

Is It an Issue with Your Garage Door Springs?

If the door slides back down on its tracks, there’s likely an issue with your garage door springs. They don’t have the proper tension and will either need to be adjusted or replaced because they are wearing out. Never try to repair or replace garage door springs yourself, however. These springs are under an incredible tension and can cause extreme injury if they should suddenly snap. Always call a garage door repair professional for garage door springs. They have both the knowledge and proper tools to do the job safely and effectively.

Warning Signs of Garage Door Opener Repair

Like your garage door itself, your garage door opener is a highly complex mechanical device. As such, it takes proper care for it to work properly. But even the best cared for garage door opener will eventually wear out and suffer repair issues. Generally, you’ll need to replace your garage door opener at twice the rate of replacing the garage door itself.

If you notice loud screeching or squealing coming from the trolley or the opener itself, this can be a sign it’s starting to fail. The chain in your garage door opener is wearing out or becoming loose. You might be able to have a garage door professional tweak it back into place, but sometimes it just needs to be replaced.

If your garage door opener is slowing or hesitating at the beginning, this is a sign it’s nearly worn out. Keep an eye out for your garage door opener detaching. This causes your opener to completely disconnect so your garage door comes crashing to the floor. It’s extremely dangerous. If the garage door itself looks like it’s about to give, contact a professional immediately.

If you can see your garage door opener vibrate, this is a sign that you have bent shafts or worn out armatures. If this continues long enough, the garage door can detach, an extremely dangerous situation (see above). If you notice an unusual vibration in your garage door, contact a garage door professional as soon as possible for a more thorough inspection.

If you notice your garage door randomly opening and closing, this is a sign your circuitry is wearing out. You’ll need to replace the garage door opener. This can be a serious security issue as it can randomly leave your garage door exposed to thieves in the middle of the night or while you are away at work. You’ll need to address this problem immediately.

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